Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Untold facts of IAAS central library

When you hear about library, you might imagine about books, journals, magazines, study tables, chairs and so on. IAAS central library is not an exception but it’s much more than that.

IAAS library is a library with racks full of books and journals. When you want to issue a book from issue section of the library you are never going to get it. You have to consider yourself lucky if you find a book that you are looking for. You might not find the page you are looking for in that book since some books with ‘lost’ pages are also available in the library. Almost all the books in the library were published decades ago. Books kept in book racks are covered by dust and some books are being eaten by silverfish. 

The Kantipur daily and The Gorkhapatra daily are the only newspapers available in the library. Students are barred from reading these newspapers. These newspapers are available only for lecturers and bureaucrats to read. I have not seen any weekly, quarterly and monthly magazines in the library. Let’s not talk about reading them if it’s available.

On the second floor of the library sofas are arranged for the library users to study. It’s widely being abused by the students. Some students found making it as bed for sleeping. Some students are found sleeping on the lap of the other. If a person for the first time goes there he might be in dilemma whether it’s really a library or not.

‘Study corners’ are also made in the library. It’s for those students who want to study without being disturbed or being unnoticed from others. The writings and drawings on the walls of the study corners clearly denote its use. Nude picture drawn on the walls and vulgar words written there proves that it’s being abused. Many students and bureaucrats suspects unholy activities taking place there.

College administration, library administration and FSU turn deaf ear towards these things. A number of guests come to visit IAAS library; if they see this than what message will it deliver?

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