Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What After B.Sc. Ag graduation?

After graduation in Ag. many students are in dilemma what to do further. The options given below might help to get through the dilemma.

GRE Preparation
For those students who want to study in USA GRE preparation is must. Those who dream of being in USA for gaining further education along with earning money and leading pleasant life. It’s always easy to dream but it’s not so easy in obtaining good score in GRE examination. Higher the GRE scores higher will be the chances to get scholarship in renowned college.

Doing job in NGO/ INGO's remained as the top option among those Ag. graduates who want to do job after graduation. The lofty sum of money paid as salary, international recognition and boundless opportunities are the reasons for luring graduates to work in NGO/INGOs.

Public Service Commission
Those graduates who want to serve the nation by working as technocrats should eagerly wait for PSC examination. Passing in fiercely competitive and tough PSC exam is not a joke, but Ag graduates have relative advantage in comparison to general candidates in passing PSC examination. 

Indian Embassy Scholarship
Scholarship quotas are offered by Indian Government to Nepalese Agriculture graduate students to complete their Post Graduate Program in India is a big opportunity.

 Many IAAS graduate used to go to Israel for a year to work. Now the no. of students going to Israel is declining rapidly.  One can earn few LAKHS in Israel but working there as a layman and high temperature are its limitations. 
M.Sc Ag. Rampur
IAAS Post Graduate Program always welcomes those graduates who want to do their masters in IAAS.

 The target of B.Sc. Ag. Curriculum is to produce agro entrepreneur.  Though its a best idea to start agro enterprise, many think it as a business of high risk and they never bother to take that risk. It needs strong determination, hard work, knowledge, skill and capital to be a good entrepreneur. Its worth to get a job but it worth thousand times more to create a job. Then, why not starting agro enterprise?


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