Sunday, January 30, 2011

Facebook; The time killer

At the time of starting of social network site facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, no critic had predicted that facebook will gain popularity as it’s gaining now- a-days. Social networking sites pundits and critics are really amazed by it’s popularity. The micro blogging site facebook has become a part of life for people in many developed and developing countries and Nepal is not an exception to it. The authentic data of Nepalese people using facebook is not available but it’s believed to be few millions. Facebook’s popularity is growing day by day especially among college, university students, youths, corporate houses and political leaders. With the growing popularity facebook’s dark sides are also being revealed. Personal data sharing with third party was the hot topic for discussion few weeks back but now it’s somehow solved by the introduction of it’s privacy policy.

It’s estimated that about half million Nepali are active facebook users. With growing facebook users peoples’ addiction towards it is also growing. In many financial institutions facebook use is discouraged in office time. Some corporate houses have banned the use of facebook for the fear of reducing the efficiency of employee and distraction in work. In research conducted in India showed that officials spend at lest an hour of the day in using facebook. Though it gives some “fun” to the user for sometime it’s adversely affecting one’s productivity. Facebook is making people limited within the computer screen. The trend of enjoying in virtual world of facebook is affecting our way of making personal and social relationship and has reduced ‘actual social contact’ with friends and relatives.

No one can ignore the great role played by facebook in bringing people closer but it’s over use/addiction is simply killing time, reducing working efficiency and making us limited within computer screen.

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