Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is IAAS for agriculture or politics?

IAAS formerly renowned for agricultural manpower production is now gaining notoriety for political clashes.

The series of clashes between student wings of different political parties have defamed the college. There is not even a single year in the history of IAAS that passed without any clashes between the students.

FSU election and entrance examination time are on season for such clashes. Because of the news about frequent clashes in mass media public have developed negative view about the one and only agricultural institute.

Politicization of students, teachers and bureaucrats is beyond ones imagination. Here in IAAS even a lab boy refuses to do what the teacher tell him to do if the teacher does not have the faith in the same political party he has.

Actually politics isn't dirty game but the players at IAAS are dirty. In reality the politics in IAAS is guided by a mob which has many heads but no brain and its very dangerous. When will be that heads be filled with brain?

The 'room politics' and 'politics of power' exercised here made the situation worst. If the commoners heard something about IAAS in recent days then they might have heard about political clashes but not about god things going in the campus.

The students union seems worthless here. It seems as if they are made to shed blood. Where is their creativity? Where is their work for which they are assigned?

Politics can run without IAAS but not IAAS without politics. It has produced a number of political leaders like Prachanda and so on, but I am really unable to give the name of such agriculturist produced by IAAS and has done significant work. Why is it so? Is IAAS really producing politicians instead of agriculturist? Really the time has come for us to think. Agriculture college should produce agriculturist not the political leaders.

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