Saturday, January 29, 2011

Student and teacher in love

When I sometimes see some of my female friends making approach with young teachers in the name of asking questions related to the courses they teach; it reminds me similar incident that took place about three years ago in Gorkha.

After completion of my +2 examination, I started teaching mathematics and science in a government school in Gorkha. Though I have to teach 7 periods per day it was full of fun.

Smiriti*, one of the many students whom I used to teach. She was a student of grade eight, intelligent, beautiful girl whom I knew in the very first day of teaching because of her logical questions that she raised for me to answer and her attentiveness in the class.

This wasn’t the end; she often used to come with me taking new problems in my break time. It continued for weeks.

In Gorkha I stayed in a rented room. Nearby my room lived Ritu a friend of Smiriti. One Saturday when I was in my room, Ritu brought a letter to me. After handing me the letter she went. From the envelope I knew that it was written by Smiriti for me.On seeing the name of Smiriti on the letter I was curious to know what was written on the letter. The letter was written like this.

Dear Sir,

Besides being mathematics and science teacher of mine, sir I want to make you more than this. I want to make you teacher of my life. Are you ready to accept it? Sir, I love you more than anyone and anything in this world. I want to be only yours. Only yours sir. If reply is yes then give me a call.

Forever yours

On seeing this letter my mind went blank. It was really difficult for me to decide………

* Not her real name

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  1. I am curious to know abt next part story....chado published call chape


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