Thursday, January 6, 2011

Facebook! The only book that i love

 Books! books!! and books!!! I just hate them. It might sound amazing that after passing +2 about three years ago I never bought even a single book including course book. It makes me irritated when I see bulky books. In IAAS case photocopies are also the same.

 Though I hate books there is an exception for me which  many of us might have the same feeling about the only book that I love. It's none other than FACEBOOK. the book for which I'm addicted to.

Other books induce sleeping but facebook keeps me awake even in the dream, even in the midnight. Without facebook login in a day it makes me feel something important is missing.

 I simply love it & use it frequently but don't know the cause of my addiction towards it. Is it to get in touch with my friends or to play games or to chat or anything else I keep asking myself? I don't bother to find its cause. But the fact is I love facebook


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