Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now I'm also a blogger

Blog, blogging used to be a new word for me few years back. Now with the availability of GPRS service on mobile, growing number of internet service providers and mushroom like grown cyber cafe; it's not new to many youngsters in Nepal with me not being an exception to start blogging to share my views with my friends through internet.

I knew about blogging for the first time when I was in Lamjung. There I heard news about Dr. Baburam Bhattrai's blog and curiosity arise in my mind about blogging. My friends provide me with few details about blog in reply to my quest about blog. I was lured to start my own blog by my friend's information.
Despite  of my keen interest in blogging;  poor knowledge about computer, low typing skills and lack of internet facilities hindered me to start blogging.

Getting inspiration from my seniors and taking IAAS friends as role model with technical help from my brother Ram I finally made my own blog.  

Despite being poor in English language I decided to blog in English with a hope it will help me to improve my English. Anyway Now I'm a blogger.                             


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