Friday, January 14, 2011

Meaning Of Roses

Are you in dilemma which color rose to give your loved ones in this valentine day? The information about the meaning of different color of roses might help you. You can tell your beloved ones what you want to say just by sending the roses.
Red rose:
It denotes love and romance. Purpose your loved ones with a red rose.

Yellow rose:
It’s an ideal symbol for joy and friendship and it also evokes the feeling of warmth and happiness.

White rose:
It’s a symbol for purity and innocence. Traditionally it’s associated with marriage and new beginning. Often used as an expression of remembrance.

Black rose:
It’s a symbol for death and decay.

Orange rose:
It’s a symbol of passion and excitement.

Blue rose:
It symbolizes thing that is impossible and difficult to obtain.

Pink rose:
It stands for grace and as elegance. It’s often given an expression of admiration.

Lavender rose:
It denotes enchantment. It’s  used to express FEELING OF LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

Crimson rose:
This rose is taken as symbol of mourning and loss.

Tea rose:
It’s symbol of eternal remembrance. It symbolizes that the giver always remembers the receiver.

White and red roses:
It’s taken as symbol of UNITY.

White and yellow roses:
It’s the symbol of HARMONY.

Red and yellow roses:
It’s taken as symbol of CELEBRATION AND HAPPINESS.

Two roses intertwined:

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